Workshop “Entrepreneurship as a career choice of Kosovar youth”

01 mar

Workshop “Entrepreneurship as a career choice of Kosovar youth”

As part of activities during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017, College of International Management “Globus” organize workshop in cooperation with its partners:
1. Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK),
2. Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK),
3. Institute of Economic Research “Globus”,
4. Institute for Entrepreneurship of Small Business (IESB) and
5. Institute for Accounting, Auditing and Finance (KAF)

Globus College and this Workshop aim to bring scholars and researchers from different disciplines and countries together and elaborate achievements.

17 November 2017, (10.00 – 13.00h), College GLOBUS, Prishtina Campus

Youth unemployment rates are particularly high across Kosovo and region. We believe that through education and training in transferable and entrepreneurial skills young people will be better equipped to compete for jobs, become self-employed and contribute to the innovative and competitive ability of a employer’s organization. The development of transferable skills requires new creative ways of teaching and learning, and inclusion of practical world experience. This workshop aims to describe entrepreneurship as a process that goes beyond the identification and teaching of competences. Provides information that knowledge acquisition and development of attitudes and intentions are fundamental to the process of entrepreneurship and the expression of entrepreneurship behavior and outcomes.
Therefore, the aim of our College is to organize a workshop on “Entrepreneurship as a career choice of Kosovar youth” as part of activities during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017.

a) Short term:
• Develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills
• Increase awareness for entrepreneurship as a possible carrier option
• Experience entrepreneurship in a safe environment
b) Long term:
• Development entrepreneurship
• Reduce costs of unsuccessful start-ups
• Increase entrepreneurial behavior of entire workforce

• Public entrepreneurship policy;
• Is entrepreneurship treated as a key competence/skill at school/university?
• How open are schools/university to “include” the “business world”?
• Has there been any “revolution” in the education/training system? If so, how far have those fundamental changes gone?
• The impact of entrepreneurship education through three different channels:
ü national or regional strategies;
ü institutional changes;
ü specific courses and classes

• Opening Workshop
• Plenary Session/Presentations
• Round tables discussion
• The last session will be devoted to the formulation of conclusions and recommendations from the workshop.

Prof.asoc.dr.Besnik KRASNIQI
Chairman of Organizational Council

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