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Access to the Electronic Library is possible in different ways. Some are open to the general public and some require subscriptions in various forms. The Globus College provides its students with access to the below-listed online bookstores as well as access to the facilities of the Globus College in Prishtina and Podujevo.


Database EBSCO provides a large number of full-text bibliographic databases, of more than 60,000 publishers from around the world.




The OECD Bookstore is the online OECD bookstore integrated for books, magazines, worksheets and statistics.It is also the gateway for OECD analysis and database.

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The IMF e-Bookstore has published more than 11,000 publications, providing full access to the IMF’s statistical database, an important source for economic study and analysis.

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Cambridge Journals Online offers access to the multidisciplinary collection of over 330 journals covering topics on science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences.
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Edward Elgar provides e-books and published journals. Publications on Law, Business, Economics and Social Sciences.