The aim and profile of the study program

Accounting and Auditing Program provides a combination of theoretical and practical ideas which provide a full basis for a variety of careers in the range of financial management functions, such as basic accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, financial statements analysis financial audit of financial statements and international accounting standards. Bachelor’s program in International Accounting and Auditing is designed to increase the knowledge of those students who wish to develop a career in accounting and auditing field, as well as a professional academic context, particularly for students who want to work in foreign companies who have their representatives in Kosovo or abroad.

Expected learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes:

  • To provide students with more efficient methods and practices of accounting and auditing at the national and international aspects;
  • To provide students with skills to identify issues about record economic transactions;
  • To provide students with skills to assess information exchange and alternative strategies that lead to respondents effectiveness of leadership, management and communication of internal and external;
  • To provide students with skills to recognize the breadth of the field of accounting and auditing accordance with international standards;
  • To provide students with skills to address the ethics of keeping financial records according to applicable laws;
  • To provide students with skills to demonstrate understanding of the structure of the financial statements of national and international business;

General competencies:

  • To possess the capacity to implement the knowledge acquired during their studies in practice
  • To possess the capacity for analysis
  • To possess the capacity to adapt to new situations
  • To possess the capability of managing information from various sources
  • To possess ability to communicate in an international environment
  • To possess the ability to use knowledge in financial software for accounting and audit according to the International Accounting Standards(IAS)

Specific competencies:

  • Include business logistics from the perspective of economic, operational, and regulatory;
  • Explain the interaction of legal, financial, economic, and international accounting standards (Kosovo Accounting Standards and International Accounting Standards).
  • Identify leadership outline the organization of accounting and auditing, both internal and external
  • Analyze and evaluate the contribution of each sub-sectors within the accounting department, with storage  of raw materials, production delivery process, determining the costs to the final product;
  • To demonstrate understanding of a range of integrated approaches such as financial accounting, management, taxation, financial statement analysis, audit of financial statements;
Accounting and Auditing Program