The aim and profile of the study program

This program is designed to ensure full knowledge of key finance and banking system disciplines that are applied and implemented nationally and internationally. It assesses the various functional areas involved in the international financial and banking system.  The pupas of the program for bachelor studies in Finance and the Bank is to structure a method for the full, sustainable, lasting, and professional students to improve knowledge in the field of; finances, area of the intermediated ​​financial, areas of the applicative finance, the state finances, areas of the public finance and the financial enterprises, from public state finances, the financial mediation and as well as the areas of Banking in an international context.

The bachelor program in FINANCE AND BANK is designed to increase the level of the knowledge of the individuals that like to develop their carrier in the field of Finances and Banking, as in the academic contest also in the professional context, especially for the individuals that would like to work in the international companies operating in Kosovo and abroad. The program will enable them thorough knowledge in the concepts of finance, techniques of finance, and their application in the companies and in the banks with the national and international characters. The program enables the exploration of contemporary issues and the future of international finance, the role of financial markets, banks, and even international companies operating in both local and international markets.

Expected learning outcomes

  • To possess the capacity for analyzing the financial and banking system
  • To possess the capacity to implement banking practices knowledge
  • To possess the capacity to adapt to the new financial situation
  • To possess the capability of managing information from various sources and to incorporate and use them for financial management needs
  • To possess the capacity to analyze and plan indicatives of the financial and banking  system To possess the capacity to communicate in an international financial environment
  • To possess the ability to use knowledge in financial and banking system

Specific Competencies

  • Include business logistics from the perspective of financial, banking, whether operational and regulatory aspects on a national and international level;
  • Identify the processes in which organizations engage when processing financial information for the financial management of companies or banks;
  • Explore the social impacts of the financial system and corporate banking activities;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of such a spectrum of financial and banking systems and corporate behavior in the international financial system and international market






Transferable competencies

  • Demonstrate ability to analyze concepts and theories and to apply in different contexts and further evaluate their applications.
  • Read, interpret and describe the findings of academic research conducted by scholars of finance and banking in the international financial system.