Aim and study program profile

The finance, Banks, and Accounting program is designed to fulfill market needs through academic preparation for local and foreign companies, as well as developing students’ carrier in international Finance, Banks, and Accounting. This program is suitable for students that have finance, banks, and accounting knowledge and would like to expand their skills and understanding to an advanced level in accordance with market needs. The program will equip students with the knowledge and high-level research skills to continue their carrier in a great range of institutions such as academia, accounting, auditing, managing consultancy, and organizational management.

Expected results:

Program skills

Students that successfully complete the program will be able to:

  • Understand how financial accounts are prepared and used in decision-making, especially capital and evaluation budgeting.
  • Have a high understanding of the legal and regulatory environment where non-financial and financial corporation works.
  • Be able to draft a corporative strategy and where is necessary to support it with a detailed price proposal.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of advanced finances, banks, and accounting theories and models and their use as well as financial real market context.
  • Apply mathematical tools for financial problems, including financial and products instruments prices
  • Analyze economical and financial data and evaluate investment decisions – students should be capable to apply econometric theory and software to come up with valid conclusions.

The program offers the possibility for postgraduate students to develop and demonstrate knowledge, understanding, quality, skills, and other attribution in the fields of:

  • Managing finances practice, banks, and accounting in corporate decision-making and the goal and drafting of a common strategy.
  • Preparing financial statements and the use of information for two decisions: investment and evaluation.
  • Advanced ideas in finance, banks, and accounting to include: expected services, avoiding risk, portfolio analysis in average inconsistency, quarrels, efficient markets, and risk management.
  • Knowledge basis includes essential facts, concepts, principles, and certain theories in the selected specialization.
Programi Financa Banka dhe Kontabilitet