Masters Programme

The nature of studies

Two years of Master’s studies, based on the Bologna Statement enables the right for Doctoral studies.

Studies system

  • Masters studies – MA two years

Full-time master studies – MA:

  • 25% class
  • 50% mentoring research
  • 25% research

Time-table for full-time students

  • Friday from17:00-21:00
  • Saturday from 09:00 – 13:00

Student technological supporting system

Student Information System

Student Information System portal is the most innovative model of the contemporary online studying system, designed to fulfill academic institution requests. This portal has its own certain parameters that enable College academic and administrative staff to manage students’ data and at the same time, students are enabled distance learning and services.

Students’ services:

  • e-Learning
  • e-Library
  • e-Subject
  • e-Video Conference
  • e-Forum
  • e-Service
  • e-Community
  • e-Learning

This portal is the most efficient and advanced method for scientific research, information exchange, interactivity between students and professors, video-lecture, electronic library, and forums.

Distance learning is an e-learning portal. If you are employed and cannot be present at the lectures it enables you to study from the comfort of your home.


We provide electronic access to a great number of scientific research bibliography databases with full text that fulfills the requirement for information in all professional fields.

College of International Management ‘Globus’ is a member of Kosova National Library for electronic access as well as we use the electronic library of TOBB University in Turkey.

Electronic library in your service:

  • TOBB


This module enables students to have 24 hours access to every information regarding their subjects in that specific academic year. We offer information on specific subjects; lectures on PowerPoint, syllabus, exchange of information and discussion with professors, etc.


This module offers all lectures in an electronic, audio-visual version that enables online studying, access from distance on lecture, and project development in College Globus. Videoconferences are posted at the same time the lecture is held in College.

Videoconference entails:

  • The lecturer (sound and screen)
  • The lecture covering the projector
  • E-forums
  • The forum enables information exchange, interactivity between students and professors.


It is the college Globus portal that enables students 24/7 to access services and information such as marks transcripts, study curricula, online exam enrolment, lectures and tutoring timetable, and information regarding users. The aim of the e-service is to create a virtual society to study and have fun.


Creating a virtual community for studying and fun.