The Long-Term Aims

There is a great demand for studies in the field of international management of economy and business in Kosova.


The economy of Kosova, which is at the transitional phase, consists of:


  • Social enterprises in the privatization process, while the other part is the
  • New economy – private sector which is in the process of further development.


Kosova has been determined for a democratic society – civilization and for the market economy. The market economy, usually, is an open economy, for a free circulation of goods, capital, technologies, knowledge and experiences, professional and labor force, etc.

In this aspect, Kosova needs new cadres, professionally trained for a successful approach in the processes, not only in local but in international courses, too.


In this aspect, the CIM “Globus”, with the Syllabus and Curricula, which is Distinguished with other universities, prepares graduate students in the field of international management with the possibilities in selecting of the following accredited   departments.