International Management College “Globus” is a Private Holder of Higher Education in Kosovo accredited by the Kosovo Agency for Accreditation (KAA) and licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST). The International Management College “Globus” was established in 2007 in Kosovo – license no. 1018 / 02-1 as the International University of Prishtina and as a University has operated until 2010. By 2010, same as all Private Holders of Higher Education in Kosovo has changed status and has continued to work as a College.

International Management College “Globus” has undergone regular accreditation and licensing for teaching and research activities in the field of International Management. More about accreditation http://www.akreditimi-ks.org

27 October 2007 was the solemn opening of the teaching process at the International Management College “Globus”.

The Globus International Management College offers two-level Bachelor studies and a Master’s degree has applied for licensing and accreditation for the Doctorate School.

The International Management College “Globus” offers studies in:


    BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT with programs:

  • General International Management
  • Finance and Banks
  • Accounting and Auditing


     BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT with programs:

  • General International Management
  • Finance, Banks, and Accounting