About us


The College “Globus” vision is to offer a quality education in the field of international economy and business in providing entirely accomplished professionals for management of international modern business in XXI century.


The College of International Management “Globus” is a center of higher education in Kosova in the fields of international economic sciences competitive with the regional countries and broader, with a experienced staff in the prestigious local and foreign universities, with a modern management which is ready to accept the challenges acquired by the modern education in providing the youth and others with a knowledge on management and entrepreneurship for international business and sufficient abilities of professional enhancement in accordance with requirements and standards of the domestic and international labor market.












Our task is to ensure the steady supply of successive generation of management executives for our businesses ad for our society, and to aspire to a qualitatively high level of education and research.

We will value creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. We will be accessible and flexible to deliver a high quality student experience to the widest possible range of students: to build confidence, enhance learning, and create opportunity. We will value the skill and expertise of our staff and will support and reward their contribution to our success. We will value responsiveness and will be demand-led and customer focused. We will value partnership and will form strong and enduring collaborations where we can achieve more by working with others than we can alone.



There is a great demand for studies in the field of international management of economy and business in Kosova.

Kosova has been determined for a democratic society – civilization and for the market economy. The market economy, usually, is an open economy, for a free circulation of goods, capital, technologies, knowledge and experiences, professional and labor force, etc.

In this aspect, Kosova needs new cadres, professionally trained for a successful approach in the processes, not only in local but in international courses, too.

On the basis of such determination of Kosova’s economy, the College Globus, its study curriculums and researches will steer students towards the knowledge achievement in the field of international management with elective opportunity on the accredited programs.

Knowledge and Focusing

The College Globus ensures that the current know-how is broadly accessible and applied. The entire spectrum of business topics covers:

  • General Management and Leadership,
  • Nonprofit and Public Management,
  • Corporate Communication,
  • International Human Resource Management,
  • International Business and International Marketing,
  • Finance and Banking,
  • Accounting and Audit,
  • Business processes,
  • Business Information Systems.


International Institution for High Education 

We will embed an international and intercultural dimension in our curriculum and all of our policies and strategies; will promote the international exchange of ideas and experience in teaching and research; and will grow the geographical base of our activity and develop our network of partners.

We will build strong international relationships through our research and will internationalize our approach to knowledge transfer.

We will encourage staff exchanges with other institutions to promote and integrate ideas and experiences in teaching and research.